UBC Orthopaedics Strategic Planning Update 2021

Peter Wilken
Strategic Planning Lead Consultant
UBC Department of Orthopaedics

Under the guidance of Dr. Kishore Mulpuri, the strategic planning process for the UBC Department of Orthopaedics began in May 2021. The intention was to democratize the planning process, represent the diverse interests within the department, and engage as many members as possible in shaping the Department’s vision and strategy for the future.

Over 130 members expressed their interest in participating. A comprehensive discovery process was undertaken, involving over 40 in-depth interviews with stakeholders. The resulting Discovery Report identified key challenges and opportunities for the department leading into a DNA development session in late June. Over 30 members participated in crafting the DNA for the Department—the purpose and positioning platform that informs everything the organization does and says. We sought information and input through a number of Grand Rounds presentations. As a result of progress to date, we took early actions, such as strengthening administrative resources, clarifying structure, and establishing support programs for fellows and residents.

A Strategic Leadership Task Force (SLTF) was formed in September to provide broad-based departmental representation in the strategic planning process. A series of strategic planning meetings began in early November ratifying the DNA, identifying future trends, and developing an inspiring, aspirational vision for the department. This was followed by an articulation of contracts and values with ourselves, the local community, the global community. In the new year, our focus will be on developing the strategic framework, strategic priorities, and overarching goals for the department. We will then begin our delivery and execution phase.

Strategy is not a document, it is an ongoing dialogue to inspire, direct, and enable desired change. The department is making good progress.